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 Cyber bullying. Adults, parents can become quite blasé in keeping an eye on what our children are being exposed to online. The digital world is so accessible that it sometimes slips our minds that not only do our children have access to the world, the world has access to our children.

Bullying is something that has been around in some form or another forever. But in the days gone by home for the most part was somewhere you could get away from the bullying. There was a time frame and that was when you were out and about. With the changing technology bullying has also evolved. There is no time limit now, the digital world doesn’t sleep therefore bullying online is a 24/7 nightmare.
Adults are also bullied online, the world has become a smaller place with the instant technology at our finger tips. So if a person has a gripe with someone they can instantly send messages or voice mail to say what is on their mind. It’s when it shows up on social media, for example Face Book that others can get on the bandwagon becoming cruel and sometimes dangerous. Being bullied by one person is terrible enough but being bullied by a group is devastating. The digital world makes it easier to attack in a pack, and some people just get so worked up when encouraged by others. Setting your digital devices up securely can limit the access that bullies have to you online and even on your mobile phone. Look at your security settings and adjust them as needed. Theft is another issue. Now our identity is plastered over the net and there are some pretty devious genius’ out there that know how to access places that most of us don’t. Identity theft can be as simple as access your Facebook account to cause malicious damage to accessing your bank account, email, and taking over your financial identity.





Scammers, well where do I start!!! These people try to take you for granted, mainly financially but the emotional trauma is just as damaging. Through email and telephone. Always be alert to emails that come from people you do not know. I have had the wonderful email saying my bank account security isn’t up to date, funnily enough I don’t bank with that particular bank. Phone calls telling you that your computer is not secure is another scam. They tell you they will remotely access your computer and then, “No you aren’t secure ma’am and for the low price of $$$$ we will fix that problem for you. Just tell me your credit card details and it will be all better”. WRONG!!!! Once they have the details they access your credit card and take bulk amounts out until you either spot it and cancel your card, or they hit the limit leaving you with a hefty debt. DO NOT EVER GIVE OUT YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS IF YOU DO NOT KNOW/TRUST THE COMPANY.

Top online frauds of 2011

There are at this moment a lot of photos on Face Book of teachers showing students how fast a photo can go viral and how easy it is to damage someones reputation by posting things they have no right to have access to. Setting up a role play scenario and have each child play the roles of bully and victim and then discussing as a group the feelings and effects it had on them.
Be Aware of your devices security, setting them to benefit you the best is a must. But don’t just do it once and forget about it, review your settings as sometime updates can upset them. Change your password regularly and don’t give it out!!!

O’Loughlin_Margaret_17842888_EDC101_Assessment3 Teaching Episode


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Nate Anderson (2012) Bad romance: internet scammers prey on the love-struck and lonely scammers


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