The Digital Divide

The Digital Divide is the gap between the people who have access to digital devices and the internet and the ones that don’t. There are a number of Countries that do not have internet access at all.

The importance of bridging this gap is so that everyone has the same level of chances educationally, socially, and work. 

Mobile Technology is making the gap smaller in areas that have internet whether by satellite or fiber optics. Being able to learn, research and socialise anywhere and at anytime is great.

I have included the logo for the One Laptop Per Child organisation on my  Infograph. They are a non-profit organisation that are bridging the gap by making low-cost laptops available to children in schools of poor countries.

The Digital Divide(2)


The groovy bunch of words in the top right corner of the Infograph is a Wordle. group of words that relate to a particular topic, another fun way of adding information.

Digital Posters would be a great thing to have in a classroom. Students could make them and either display them on an interactive white board or have them printed and laminated up on the walls. Pride in their work and learning


TED 2008 Nicholas Negroponte: One Laptop per Child two years on

Margaret O’Loughlin 2014 Digital Divide image

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