Digital Fluency

Digital Fluency is being able to use Digital Devices and Programs for what they are made for without inhibiting the outcome of what we are trying to achieve.
I’m not fumbling through Search Engines such as Google, I came across a useful site LEARN THE NET. With an easy to read and understand page on how to optimize your information search. We need these skills to make researching easier and efficient. As well as other skills such as inserting images and audio to our videos and text based work.
Students need to learn these skills to optimise their learning in the class and in society. Having a class blog where the children write what they learnt for the week will help them with their spelling and punctuation. Making videos of activities will help them with editing skills. Displaying the Learn The Net tools will give them a visual on how to optimise their web searching.


This week activity was using Scratch, a site that teaches you how to make “stories, games and animations”. Now this wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, when I started I naively thought “Well I could do this easy!!”… NOPE!! Once I got the hang of it I had a lot of fun. Using Programs like this in a classroom situation would benefit the students problem solving skills, concentration, imagination and even group discussions.  my animation


Michael Lerner (1996-2014) Advanced Web Search Image Scratch








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