Digital Blurring

I have always seen myself as not very digital. But in the last few months that has really changed. I now spend time online and am finding myself very comfortable with the process.
Digital Blurring is when what we do in our personal lives blend and influence what we do in our digital world. For example Blogging teaches writing, typing and editing skills. It also offers information to the reader whether it be a personal experience blog or one that shares particular information.
Social networking, we share our personal lives over the internet to let our family and friends know what we are doing in our lives. We take photos too and that teaches us the skill of adding photos and images to documents.
Gaming uses fine motor skills, problem solving skills and if playing against someone whether online or at home in the lounge it is a social tool.

 The Web site we explored this week was Sploder. Where you can make games or play other peoples games. They can be as simple or as elaborate as the creator pleases using four different gaming genres. Games are a wonderful teaching tool, the students understand, are involved and get excited about learning this way. a child friendly site set up to keep teachers and parents in the loop about what their student/child is doing and what the whole site is about. This is a great way of teaching students problem solving skills and for group discussions. As a teacher I would collaborate with the class about different genres of games ie: (arcade, puzzles, strategy, simulation and racing) and from there about different awards and challenges the students know in the games and genres. Even asking the students about social issues we face today such as Bullying and getting them to set their game around that. We would watch a tutorial on “How to Use Sploder” so the students had an idea of what types of games the program offered and how to use it. Setting the task that they have to use a certain amount/type of challenge/reward and a time set of the game play. The students imagination is being used to plan the game and to implement where the obstacles and rewards are placed. Setting a time allowance will implement time management skills. I would then give time to plan what kind of game they would develop. Group discussions giving positive feedback to the game creator. Then the Creator can implement some of the things the players have mentioned then the player attempts completing the game. At the end of the study period the class would come back together and discuss the different ideas they came up with and how the games they developed imitate the issues we discussed earlier. I would set this task as an assignment that the students can do in class over a period of time so they get the full benefit of planning and finishing their games as well as implementing the requirements and collaboration feedback.   My Sploder game, have fun!!


Sploder website

 Google Search image Sploder logo

Anonymous (2013) Making Games with your students Image Sploder

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