Life Long Learning

Learning is part of our Life Journey. From the time we are born until our last day we are continuing to learn.
Formal Learning happens in a place that is designed to teach.
Non Formal learning is done in places that aren’t designed specifically for teaching.
We also learn Informally through our community, family and friends.

Formal Non-formal Informal
ACE institutions Labour market programs Clubs
Universities Professional associations Libraries
VET providers On-the-job training Museums
High schools Work experience programs Art galleries
Primary schools Volunteer organisations Playgrounds
Pre-schools Childcare centres Families
U3As Learning circles Elder care


I have researched many topics and people online in the last few months and played with many different digital tools. This week I used Prezi . A presentation tool that is not only informative but also Fun!! My Prezi on the Oceana Project.
I am now an official Global Citizen!! I am on twitter, I’ve expanded my online shopping centre across the world not just Australia, and I must say I love Rebel Circus in New York. I have friends online from across the globe too. We are all learning about our environments and cultures.
By continuing to learn and grow our skills through learning we will be able to pass these skills on to our students. Sharing new fun and interesting ways to do things with our students is exciting. Seeing them “get it” and expand their own skill sets is a why I want to teach.


Lifelong Learning Council Queensland Inc (2013) What is Lifelong Learning

Prezi Presentation Software

Rebel Circus Tattoo Clothing Tattoo Art and Alternative Apparel

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