Peer Marking Rubics

As this is a personal blog, everyone’s style is different. I was surprised that David could only find 4 of my blog entries. I had completed them all. I know I have written over the required 1200 words but I actually culled the blog by 3/4 of what I had originally posted. I love to write and found it extremely difficult to get the information across how I liked it. I am not very good using mixed media for my answers, if I was it would have made my word count a lot lower. I do like the setup of my page, it reminds me of what a Primary class looks like. Referencing is something I am trying to get my head around. It is really something that makes no sense to me. I am not sure about the lack of focus though, I thought I stayed on task. Also was not aware of the punctuation and spelling errors. I speak in “Layman’s Terms” and find I write in the same style. I do not use elaborate wording, if I wouldn’t say it I wouldn’t write it. Overall I agree on the Word count and the Referencing remarks from David.

Once I read Deons’ rubic, I realised I had not looked at the reflective of the weeks I had only concentrated on the activities. I have since gone back and answered the reflective from weeks 3-8. Deon also mentions a lack of focus, I really thought I stayed on task. I had to make a lot of changes to my blog in regards to the word count. I know this will show in my writing style. I really found it difficult to keep the word count limited. I am not sure if this would change Deons’ view on how interesting she found my blog. Over all I do agree with the Rubic Deon marked for me, and I have rectified the areas she pointed out.


Urban Dictionary (2006) laymans terms

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